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cavewoman | Orbgoddess

Welcome to orb goddess! You're definitely going to have fun here —and that's what life is all about! As you navigate this site you can view the myriad of photographs that I've taken, and photos that others throughout the web world have taken of the orbs in all their multi-dimensional, multi-hued and polymorphous magnificence. Discover what I've learned about them and from them. Know that you know things about them already and that it is no accident that you are here in this moment discovering more about yourself, which is Source, and your connection with All That Is.

As you navigate this site, you can learn how simple it is to attract orbs, invite them into your moment and photograph them yourself immersed in light and love. With an open mind, heart, and spirit, you may find out what meaning orbs hold for you at any given time as all is in flux. Here you'll be able to upload your own photos of orbs and view orb photos submitted by others from around the web. You'll find links to other orb sites and to related sites like crop circles.

This orb site incorporates the leading edge of thought. Its intention is to encourage spiritual awakening and the uplifting of the soul through pure joy!


From one of our web friends:

“In 1989 my husband died by his own hand. He came to me in a dream and told me he was sorry, and I was standing in the rubble that was our home. The dream woke me in the middle of the night. I saw a large green orb in the doorway of our bedroom, just about where his head would have been. I am glad you have this website because in some way it validates my feelings and convictions about what that was.”