Statement by the Artist

andifalls | Orbgoddess

Andrea has been photographing orbs and the ensuing phenomenon surrounding them since February, 2002. It was then that she and her sister, Diane, discovered orbs in one of many pictures taken over a weekend in February. Since then, she has added a digital camera to her collection of one-step cameras in order to easily track the orbs and to experience instant gratification.

She encourages others to go out and experience photographing orbs and other phenomena with any type of camera; disposable, single lens reflex, instamatics, view cameras,etc. Although orbs can be documented under any conditions and in any circumstances {if they are around, and they can be requested to visit}, Andrea enjoys photographing them from dusk til dawn in dry weather or in mist, fog, rain or drizzle. She has found that they show up more readily in her life in conditions with precipitation and considers them to be highly electromagnetic in nature.

Many people around the world photograph these beings in all types of situations and their photos are all over the web.

Some interesting things that Andrea has seen and noted around the orb experience:
  • They can appear unannounced
  • They can appear upon request
  • They will interact with us if we ask them to
  • They can change shapes {shape shifters}
  • They can appear in many varied colors
  • They can coalesce and co-create with your consciousness
  • They seem to be highly electromagnetic
  • They can be photographed in motion
  • Some appear as paralellograms, prolates, oblates, 3-d box shapes hanging in the air, diamonds, kite shapes, squares, cubes and spheres.