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My daughter Vanessa was killed in a tragic car accident on the morning of Oct. 31, 2005.  She was driving an SUV and a speeding car cut her off and slammed the SUV into the concrete barrier where she lost control. The SUV overturned 4 times; she was ejected onto oncoming cars and run over twice.

My son’s wedding was to be four days later and of course it was postponed. The wedding took place on Jan 14, 2006. These pictures were taken with my granddaughter Taylor’s camera. (Vanessa’s child). We find them remarkable due to the colored orb and what appears to be a wing.

I went to a Medium on this past friday and gave her a copy of the picture. She made contact with Vanessa who was standing behind me. The medium believes that it clearly is Vanessa with halo and wings.

There was a reflective glass behind, however two other people took the same picture at the same time with their cameras and also my grand daughter’s camera and this only appeared on Vanessa’s daughter’s camera. Taylor is the little girl in the picture, Vanessa’s child and my grand daughter. She only appeared in this photo where her daughter is placed under Vanessa’s wing. I and both the Spritual Medium have no doubt that this is Vanessa, my child who now flies amongst the Angels.